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Things I strongly encourage your PR to include are:

A great, personal story for Letters to YVYNYL
Streamable music is best sent by SoundCloud or Bandcamp
An offer to exclusively premiere new, unreleased songs or videos - this will probably get you stronger consideration for posting, and I will try to decline if I can’t do it so you can try other publications
Your favorite images that are 1000px wide or bigger
A sweet new video, with preference given to finely-crafted original visual work
Notable news, pertinent information, release date, label
Tour dates in PHILADELPHIA, I don’t publish entire tour schedules
If you send me full albums for preview, please include specific instructions on which tracks are shareable otherwise I will consider any and all tracks shareable

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How to submit music...


Mark Schoneveld


Mark Schoneveld + Y V Y N Y L + 458 Duck Pond Lane Haverford, PA 19041