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You can send in physicals, or you can submit music digitally. CDs or records sent to the station will not be returned, and digital submissions should be a high quality, .wav file. Due to the number of submissions we get, we can’t respond to every submission. Please check out our program schedule to see if the music you want to send would fit in with our station. Our mailing address is:

[name of director you are trying to reach] – WICB
Ithaca College
953 Danby Road
Ithaca, NY 14850-7002

For digital music submissions, please take a look at the following list, and decide which email is right for you. Please do not email any other address listed on our website. Music sent to any other address, including, will not be considered for airplay. for modern rock submissions (alternative rock) for local music submissions (Central NY region; within 100 miles of Ithaca) for hip-hop, R&B, rap music submissions for jazz music submissions or for anything else that would fit into our program schedule.

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Ithaca College, United States

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