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Thank you for your interest in The Daily Listening! We are honored that you want your music featured by us! Below are a few submission guidelines to follow. Please keep in mind that we get an overwhelming amount of submissions and that we simply cannot feature or answer everyone. We’re also kinda picky. 😉

FIRST – check out our About Us page so you can get to know us a little better and learn about our overall mission!
RESEARCH what genres we typically cover before submitting. You’ll be doing us and your music a favor.
DON’T just shoot off an email with a “Hey there” and a few requests. Who are you? Who do you represent? Address us personally. We appreciate you making an effort. Plus, we also love when we see that you’ve done your research.
DO NOT bombard us with follow-ups. We understand your time is valuable but ours is as well.
PLEASE no pitches through social media. However, we do love connecting with you guys so don’t be afraid to say hello and start a conversation!
INCLUDE all relevant links – track links, EPK, social media, website, etc – along with a release date for what you’re promoting. High-quality photos are also a must. Let’s see those faces!
PLEASE no Spotify links. We love Spotify but not everyone can listen to your music on its platform. We tend to prefer links from Soundcloud, YouTube or Bandcamp.
If we do feature you, please share on as many social media platforms as possible! Word-of-mouth not only helps your fanbase grow, but ours as well! Plus, it lets us know you appreciate the work we’ve put into your feature. 🙂

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Tina Roumeliotis

Founding Editor