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Folk, Indie Folk

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Submit via on-site form: Hi unsigned band / artist / singer-songwriter!

We hear from many of you each week asking us to give your new track a listen or your new album a little review…as you can imagine, we struggle to cover all of these, but we don’t want to let you down or ignore you!

Therefore, we have launched our new list, where we are giving you the chance to promote your music and tell the world all about who you are and what you do, with your very own TFFT page

First, here are the rules…

What we ask for is set for each band/artist. Our form below gives all the details we require for your page – please adhere to these!
We can only upload your band the once, however, you can contact us to ask for slight changes to be made to your page, ie: photo, etc.
We will use your main image from your website/Facebook page – if you prefer us to use another, please let us know.
You must be relevant to Thank Folk For That – it is at our discretion to decide on whether to feature your band. Therefore if you’re a metal band or electro DJ, please think about the ‘folk’ bit in our name first!

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How to submit music...


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