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**What makes me happy***
Please include all your PR and photo in the initial email. Don't waste time asking me to reply if I want more info or would like a HQ photo. Just attach it all in the first instance.
Please include a streaming link (Soundcloud preferably or Youtube/Bandcamp etc).
Don't hyperlink 5+ words in your email as I won't be able to determine which link is the single. Just paste the direct link. The same goes for blog premieres. I won't click through another site to listen to your song. Direct link me please.
Don't send me a download link with no streaming option.
DON'T SEND 4+ FOLLOW UP EMAILS. I listen to every single song I'm sent. If I like it, it WILL end up with a post. It's lovely to get sent so much music but I don't often have the time to reply to everything so sadly track's that aren't to my tastes will rarely be replied to.
I also rarely post remixes

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Matt Phillips