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Submit via on-site form: Fluid Radio welcomes submissions for review, provided they meet our minimum submission guidelines. Please send a link to a streaming copy of at least two tracks (Soundcloud preferred). We will not download a zip file before hearing an online sample.

Digital promos need to include:

A complete set of music files, with any necessary permissions for Fluid Radio to host the songs of your choice.

One high-resolution image of the artist (exclusive images preferred), landscape orientation (width greater than height, 1250 pixels minimum width), with any necessary permissions for Fluid Radio to publish.

One high-resolution image of the official artwork (1250 pixels minimum width).

A one-sheet, with the following:

Official artist name
Official album name
Description of album
Artist website
Order links
Release date

Territories Covered:

Genre(s) Covered:

How to submit music...


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