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If you would like to email Fingertips, I strongly encourage sending a personal note that indicates your awareness of what Fingertips is about. Beyond that basic tip, here are some further email guidelines, along with explanatory notes below for each item, for the excessively curious:

1. I do not read bulk promotional emails, outside of those coming from vetted industry sources. Which means I don’t listen to music that is submitted this way. This includes emails from both PR professionals and musicians. Additionally, I actively unsubscribe from all mailing lists I have been signed up for without permission.

2. If you are sending a more personally-directed note, thank you! And, remember that Fingertips is focused on free and legal MP3s. I try to answer personal notes but can’t always do it, based on the volume of submissions.

3. Fingertips does not review albums, EPs, or videos.

4. I don’t care about anyone’s thousands or millions of social media followers, or hundreds of thousands of streams. If that’s what’s important to you I’m probably not going to like your music, and you’re not going to like Fingertips. Relatedly you’ll notice that I do not use SubmitHub or any other submission aggregator. I am not looking for friction-free submissions; I want and need direct human contact, which has nothing to do with social media volume.

5. I cannot reply to follow-up emails asking if I’ve listened to something.

6. If you want direct, personal feedback to your song, the only way to guarantee that is to submit through Fluence, here:

7. I am open-minded about genres but my natural predilection is for music based in the rock’n’roll tradition and its many and varied offshoots.

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How to submit music...


Jeremy Schlosberg


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