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EDM, Synthpop/Electro Pop, R&B

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Our submission portal is the best way to have your music considered for a placement on our site and it also guarantees a response/feedback.

We do still accept email submissions however we receive a high-volume of emails every day and it’s just not possible to respond to everyone. Submission portal link: We generally ignore all submissions that don’t follow our guidelines so please do some research;

● we require Soundcloud links for all submissions (no exceptions) – you must also include the release artwork, a press photo and a press release (please also include a quote from the artist)

● Feel free to follow-up with us but do it once only and not within 5 days of your original submission; we need at least a week to process everything coming in.

● Always start a new email for each new submission with corresponding subject-line i.e. do not group multiple submissions by different artists into one email or via a previous submission thread

● We love making new friends so personal emails get our attention over automated mail-outs; in-fact we will unsubscribe from any automated lists

● Premiere requests are more than welcome; we generally need at least 5 days notice, we don’t require any exclusivity time however the premiere will need to be scheduled to suit AEST time-zone (Sydney, Australia)

● Do not send us unreleased music; unless it’s for a premiere request.

● Album/EP previews are accepted for reviewing consideration but you must provide a Soundcloud link.

● All songs that are featured on the site are also included in our weekly “Acid Stag Radio” playlist on Spotify & Apple Music

● Support the Supporters; if we’re supporting your music across our network we feel it’s only fair that you return the favour and support us across your own. Following our social media channels is a great way to show your appreciation and by re-sharing our social media posts you will help maximise your exposure across the combined audiences, which means more plays and attention for all of us. Submithub link: Groover link:

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How to submit music...



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